What is Not iT? Simply put, it's the game we all adopted in our early childhood. Picture this: An adult haphazardly delegates some task to a group of little kids, and an off-tempo chorus of replies ensues—"NOT IT!"

Not iT Labs is taking the same concept from social contract to social media. You can band together with groups of friends, family and colleagues to complete tasks in a "gamified" setting. When the breakroom microwave at work needs cleaning, play a game of Not iT to see who gets stuck with the task. Shortly after a task is created, a notification goes out to each group member's phone to let them know a game is in play. The experience is enhanced with photo sharing, immunity, badges and much more. Not iT is the first social network that prompts its users to be truly social!

When can you and your friends play? We're planning a soft launch in the first quarter of 2013. Join our Newsletter to be the first to hear about any of our upcoming announcements.

--The Not iT Labs Crew





Check back soon for more upcoming press releases!

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